PixelHaze Masterclass 

Our Planning Module is complete and available for PixelHaze Academy members, we will also be adding new video chapters each month until the masterclass is complete (targeting the end of 2019).

Watch the Masterclass Demo (2 minutes)

This video demo covers the first 2 minutes of the PixelHaze Masterclass. 1.1 covers the web design brief, looking at website KPI's, target audiences and demographics, key objectives and company background. The full PixelHaze Academy Masterclass course is free to members. Visit the membership pricing page for more information.


M1 - Web Design Planning

The planning module is crucial to ensure you project sets off on the right footing. Here we will be providing you the full toolkit for planning your own Squarespace website using tried and tested techniques. This module is suitable for web designers, graphic designers, small business owners and marketing professionals who are required to project manage a website re-design.

The planning module will also work well with other website platforms in addition to Squarespace including:
Wordpress, Joomla and Wix.

M2 - Design with Squarespace