Squarespace resources

Our extensive range of Squarespace resources are absolutely vital to web designers, and will help to energise your workflow, and increase productivity.



Here you can find an ever-growing list of 3rd Party subscription software that will enhance your Squarespace website, and unlock it’s potential. From booking systems to additional language management software (Multilingualisers) and social media widgets, you can find them all here.


Squarespace Plugins

A plug-in is third party software code that enables an application or program to do something it couldn’t by itself. With Squarespace you can achieve so much without the requirement for extra code or software, but sometimes you may need a little helping hand. The great news is that you have reached the home of Squarespace plugins!


Squarespace Custom Coding

The wonderful thing about Squarespace is that it allows people with no coding background to create stunning websites; however, it also allows its users to add custom code to make their websites more unique, and more personal.

PixelHaze have teamed up with Noughts & Ones, Squarespace Specialists who provide custom code, to support the next wave of Squarespace web designers.