Bablic - Multilingualizer for Squarespace

Bablic - Multilingualizer for Squarespace


Bablic is without doubt the simplest and most effective Multilingualizer software (allowing you to add two or more languages to your Squarespace website).

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Bablic Big Sale! Easiest Website Translation Tool Ever Try now for free

Why we can recommend Bablic as your multilingualizer plugin for Squarespace…

  • Although not a free addition, the Bablic Basic plan is suitably priced at $299 per year (£230 based on the price and exchange rate at the time of writing this post).

  • Need a bilingual holding page, landing page or splash page? Bablic has a free offering for single page websites.

  • The Bablic admin can be seamlessly integrated into the Squarespace admin and is relatively quick to setup.

  • We love the wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editor, it is bar far the most straightforward admin we have found in it’s class.

  • If you have a 3rd party translation company, you can provide them access to the admin and cut out the middle man. We can also provide them with a 45 minute remote Bablic training session upon request.

  • Every word that the client sees can be translated via the admin area.

  • You could potentially save £1,000’s when comparing the monthly plan to bespoke bilingual websites.

Things to look out for…

  • The Basic Bablic plan has a limit of 150,000 page views (translated pages only), if your website is likely to have a high volume of traffic, you may need to upgrade to a Plus or Pro plan at some point.

  • The Plus and Pro plans allow for additional languages and are suitable for larger websites with high volumes of traffic, however there is a noticeable price hike at this stage.

  • Just keep in mind that these are annual payments and like the Squarespace hosting, you will need to add these to your budget each year.

  • Bablic is a 3rd party plugin and as a result, you cannot translate the Squarespace admin to an alternative language for your clients. However, Squarespace does support English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish out of the box!

How to get started…

Simply click on the link below and choose your preferred Bablic plan to get up and running.

Remember to use the code “BABLIC 10” for your 10% discount

Bablic Big Sale! Easiest Website Translation Tool Ever Try now for free