Bespoke Development and Custom Code

With Noughts & Ones

Noughts & Ones are forging the future out of digital creativity by pushing the boundaries of the established website builder Squarespace, through creative design and innovative web development.

Noughts & Ones are experts who believe in open and honest collaboration. They work closely with freelance, brand and agency partners to ensure that they are part of the team from day one. The Bristol (UK) based agency are one of the leading official Squarespace Specialists and can provide the custom code required to enhance your Squarespace project.

We’re coders with character. Since the day we learnt to read (code) we’ve been collaborating with clients and partners, helping them do more, sell more and make a real impact online with Squarespace. We are delighted to team up with PixelHaze Academy to support the next wave of Squarespace web designers.
— Tom Locke, Noughts & Ones