Squarespace Lightbox Anything Plugin - SQSP Themes

Squarespace Lightbox Anything Plugin - SQSP Themes


With this awesome Squarespace plugin, you can create a lightbox pop-up from any text, button or image link in Squarespace. This plugin only requires you to copy and paste a little code and is ideal for displaying size charts, newsletter forms, galleries, anything that you can add to a page.

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Here’s how it works:

You’ll create a page specifically for your lightbox content - and this plugin will display it as a lightbox pop-up, anytime you link to it on your site.

Setup is a breeze. If you’re not comfortable uploading files to your site or copy and pasting code - it’s ok. We’ll help.


  • Uses content from: page or block

  • Works with any template

  • Fully responsive

  • Easy to install and customise

  • Free email support