Duplicate a page in Squarespace - PixelHaze Tech Tips

Get that groundhog day feeling when adding or transferring content into Squarespace?

The Duplicate page option is a welcome relief from repetitive tasks and this tutorial will get you up and running with the feature.

Why will this Squarespace tutorial help?

In many cases, you will want to keep a consistency between pages on your Squarespace website, to achieve this when creating new pages each time is a laborious and thankfully, an unnecessary process. The more complicated the page structure (for example the use of pre-styled gallery blocks or multiple column formats) the longer this process would take. This can be the Same issue if you are starting from scratch or transferring content from another website. Good news, we have an alternative time-saving approach that we would strongly recommend that you check out via the video below. By making a copy of a page, you can retain the exact page structure and then simply copy and paste text and images into the duplicated page structure. Simple as that!

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