A bucket load of member discounts on the way!

Well.. it’s been a very exciting couple of weeks at the Academy.

Our next Masterclass chapter is almost ready and we have been in proactive discussions with some of the very best Squarespace developers, designers, content creators and Squarespace custom code developers over the past few weeks.

From day-one we have looked for opportunities to add value to our audience and most importantly, our members. This includes hunting around for the best deals for the very best 3rd party content that Squarespace has to offer, over and above our Squarespace Masterclass series that is due to be completed by the end of the Year (free to all members). We are delighted to say that there will be a number of additional announcements imminent, all of which should add additional value to your membership.

Here are some of the things to look out for, along with a recap of what is included within your membership:

PixelHaze Academy Annual Membership includes:

  • Full access to our Squarespace online training course, The Masterclass. Our planning module is available online today and the whole course is due to be completed in December (including planning, Squarespace design and development, content management & transfer, copywriting, SEO, go-live and post-launch strategy.

  • An exclusive 20% discount for the first 12 months of any Squarespace annual plan.

  • Full access to the World’s fastest growing Squarespace Plugin library, with exclusive discounts to all of the main plugin developers. You could save more than the annual membership via Squarespace Plugins alone!

  • Exclusive discounts to some of the most successful and prominent Squarespace training courses.

  • Discounts to 3rd party software, including the ver best Squarespace Multilingualizer, Bablic.

  • Discounts for custom Squarespace projects and bespoke development.

  • Members-only giveaway competitions.

  • Discounted access to live video 1-2-1 training and group courses.

  • Full access to the PixelHaze Academy Lecture Hall; our live web design and digital media lectures based on subjects chosen by our members, launching in early 2020.

Earlybird offer is likely to end in the next week…

It may be worth noting that you can gain access to all of the above for only £60 per year. As it takes time to build our library of resources, we feel it is essential to reward those who are eager to jump in on the ground floor with a hefty discount. There are less than 10 Earlybird spaces left and the price is going to increase to £90 per year. This is likely to happen within the next week.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank our early adopters for subscribing to the Academy in our first couple of Months. By joining the PixelHaze Academy, you are allowing us to start building our library for designers, developers, digital media enthusiasts and small business owners. We fully intend to create the largest Squarespace training and plugin library the world has ever seen.

Thanks for being a part of our project! :)

Elwyn Davies