Online training in Squarespace, Canva, Google, Bablic and a host of software solutions for web design.

The PixelHaze Academy is the forthright and plain-spoken technology training resource for small business owners, DIY web designers and graphic designers.

Learn how to design in Squarespace with us.

What is Squarespace? Your questions answered…


PixelHaze Masterclass

Our Planning Module is complete and available for PixelHaze Academy members, we will also be adding new video chapters each month until the masterclass is complete (targeting the end of 2019)



Want to build your own Squarespace website but getting lost in the sea of technical jargon?

Relax, you have come to the right place. We have been building websites since the 1990’s and our Squarespace online training services have been built from our experiences of working with over 1,500 businesses, from start-up solopreneurs to multi-national organisations. We have seen it all and can help you get to the end of your web design project without pulling your hair out in the process.


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We aim to post regular blog posts about Squarespace online training, design software and the latest technology for designers and small business owners. Would you like to guest post or have a topic request? Please contact us here.


Introducing our range of fast, free video tutorials as requested by our clients:
Squarespace Video Tutorials | Canva Video Tutorials | G Suite Video Tutorials


PixelHaze Masterclass - Comprehensive Squarespace Training

The PixelHaze Masterclass provides the perfect platform as you look to take your first steps into web design. Our experience in developing website projects can support your design flare to help you get up to speed in no time at all.

Software tutorials with:

  • Squarespace Masterclass

  • Canva

  • Gmail for Business

  • Bablic

  • Slickplan

  • And as many plugins that you can throw a stick at

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Comprehensive Squarespace Online Training.

Where as support documentation for website builders will focus on the ‘how’ (‘how do I add a button to my page?’), we go beyond that to delve into best practice techniques and deliver on the ‘why and when’ ('why should I consider content balance', 'when should I add a button or call to action on my homepage').


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