Meet the PixelHaze Academy Team





Elwyn's journey to the launch of PixelHaze Academy is over a long and sometimes winding road, so we'll promise to keep this short. He started building websites at his high school as a 13-year old (in between rugby, football and working on the family farm in sunny Mid Wales) way back in the late 90s. this was in part due to an unhealthy fascination with how everything clicked together and also the provocative lure of the money it could generate, long before the term "side hustle" was coined.

So when he co-founded a fast-growth digital media agency (Spindogs, Cardiff) in 2004 before graduating from University; the new-found level of responsibility meant that he often felt that he was a 40 year old in the body of a 21 year old. Now, Elwyn is getting alarmingly close to 40 and dearly wishes he has the body of a 21 year old. Although these years of physical neglect from sitting in project meetings or in front of a screen has done little for his athletic prowess, very few people now have the heritage and range of knowledge that he possesses in regards to web design and what it takes to launch a successful business.

Elwyn's experience as a small business owner, designer, front-end developer and project manager has served him well in his quest to become the ultimate generalist. He has been building websites and software alongside companies of all sizes and industries for longer than he would care to mention. It is fair to say that in another life he would have been a teacher and the launch of the Pixelhaze Academy gives him the opportunity to pursue another lifetime ambition of passing on his industry knowledge to the next wave of emerging designers and entrepreneurs. 

That brings us neatly on to PixelHaze Academy. The training company was launched in the spring of 2019 by Elwyn Davies with the view to provide a comprehensive resource for emerging designers and small business owners who would like to build their own website using site builders like Squarespace, just need a helping hand to get the job done right first time.




Paula is an experienced marketing professional with cross sector experience in a wide variety of client-side and agency roles. She runs PM Marketing Limited, an independent creative agency providing branding, design and communications services to a  range of clients and sectors, and has previously worked at Director level in two other agencies. However, her client-side experience is what sets her apart as it brings with it a true understanding of how it feels to be the client and what they want from an agency. She was previously Head of Marketing at Cardiff based commercial law firm Darwin Gray and she is currently setting up the marketing function for Atamis, a leading UK procurement software provider, where she is employed part time in parallel with her PM Marketing client commitments. 

During the year in which Cardiff Airport underwent major improvements, played a significant logistical role in hosting the NATO Wales Summit, produced a fly on the wall TV documentary, launched a new online platform and brought two new airlines on board, Paula was Head of Marketing and Communications there.

Before the Airport, Paula was Director of Communications and Marketing at Cardiff and London based commercial law firm and consultancy business, Capital Law. She has also worked in the Retail sector, having headed up the marketing at Sigma 3 Kitchens for five years, and in financial services marketing for several years at HSBC, after beginning her marketing career at Europe-wide hearing aid retailer, Hidden Hearing plc.

Paula is also an experienced volunteer mentor, currently working with young people in Further Education and in internships in order to support them in realising their ambitions.

Having grown up in the Rhondda and studied English Literature at Cardiff University, Paula is passionate about Wales and is committed to making a positive impact on the local business community.

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Originally from Germany, Kerstin Martin has traveled the world and lived in four countries on two continents before settling down in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband and fluffy grey cat. Her path to web design includes working for an airline as well as I.T., corporate finance and educational institutions, all of which informs and enriches her unique style and business acumen.

Kerstin has been using Squarespace since 2008 and is an experienced web designer and officially endorsed Squarespace Authorized Trainer. Her popular online classes help both beginners and advanced users build beautiful websites, eCourses and thriving businesses with Squarespace.

More than anything Kerstin believes in a heart-centered approach to business: providing great service and delivering high quality content and training is at the core of everything she does. As Kerstin's student you will always be seen and heard.



Founder, Inside The Square

Rebecca is the founder of, a leading resource for CSS codes used by Squarespace designers around the globe. An advocate for DIY everything, she is a self taught UI developer who started exploring CSS code changes for Squarespace when she started building her own site about 5 years ago. “How did they do that?!” is a question that drives her daily!

Her personal mission is to make the internet a prettier place one website at a time. She is actively working on that goal by teaching other designers how to customize with code with weekly tutorials, educational articles, and partnerships with resource hubs like the PixelHaze academy.



Corporate wellbeing
Founder, Back To Roots

Luke left London in 2015 to return to his roots in rural Mid Wales to start practising healthcare in a way he could believe in - striking the balance between science and the arts, heavily underpinned by Play. He founder Back To Roots later that year and soon started working with PixelHaze to dispel the myth that you cannot achieve an ideal work-life balance when growing a small tech business.

In early 2019, Luke joined the PixelHaze Academy team to help other small business owners and designers in their pursuit of gaining the perfect balance in their careers.


Hanna Steyer

Founder, Steyer Accountancy

Hanna launched Steyer Accountancy to provide a flexible, friendly service that adjusts to the needs of small businesses and individuals in Mid Wales.

After completing a degree in Accounting for Management at Aston University, she returned to her native Builth Wells in 2004 to start her career as an accountant.

Qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 2008, Hanna has over 10 years’ experience of dealing with a wide variety of businesses both local and further afield, from start-ups to long established traders, limited companies, partnerships, sole traders and individuals.

Her passion for supporting small businesses and helping people thrive in a rural area led her to set up Steyer Accountancy in 2018. Hanna provides a great sounding board for how changes in finance and tax affects the running of small businesses, especially those based in the UK.




Ken first worked with Elwyn in 2014 (during his time at Spindogs) and learned a vast amount about working directly on client projects for a range of industries. Ken is now completing his second year of studying Graphic Communications at has since been working with PixelHaze on a series of web-design and branding projects during holiday away from university. Working on multiple projects at a time I help Elwyn with the workload both from the office and away. 

Alongside working towards his degree, Ken has continued to build an impressive web design portfolio on Squarespace and is currently piloting the PixelHaze Academy Emerging Designer program, due to launch in late 2019. Through the program, he is building a skillset that includes website design and development, pitching ideas, handling content and marketing strategy and dealing/juggling with project deadlines. Ken is aiming to develop the full toolkit to allow him to thrive in an agency environment.


William Hammond

Emerging Designer

William first worked with Elwyn in 2019 on a summer placement as part of the emerging designer program, as he is currently studying Computer Science in University. Throughout the Summer, he worked on a number of client projects, where Elwyn helped develop his knowledge on project management, client interaction, and many aspects of professional graphic design.

Having a great love of coding, William has helped develop numerous CSS plugins for client websites, and his enthusiasm to further his knowledge is only matched by his enthusiasm to share it.

Spending much of his time learning how to work efficiently with the Squarespace and expanding his knowledge of web design, William helped with the development of the PixelHaze Academy website - most notably the Plugin Library. He has organised a wide range of Squarespace Plugins from a variety of developers and vendors, helping to create the largest collection of Squarespace plugins available for all Academy users.

Passionate about furthering his knowledge of graphics and branding, William will continue to work on PixelHaze Academy projects alongside his degree.