#CoffeeClip006: Add multiple hero sections to your Squarespace website

Today’s coffee clip has been produced to (hopefully) answer a few questions that we have been receiving recently from clients who are looking to add multiple banners (hero units/sections) to their Squarespace website.

We can achieve this relatively easily using index pages on many of the more recent starter templates in Squarespace (including the Brine family of templates). Here, Elwyn talks about some of the benefits of creating ‘banded’ page structures and also provides examples of the type of backdrop that could work for your website.

If you are currently building your website on Squarespace and want to find out when and where this type of page structure can be effective, I’d recommend taking a look at our PixelHaze Masterclass (free for PixelHaze Academy members). You can join our community here.

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