Diagnose Gmail issues with G Suite Toolbox

Squarespace is conveniently linked to Gmail to ensure you can now register your domain name, host your website and run multiple google email accounts all in one location. By combining these three components, setup is fast, straight forward (certainly less of a headache than how it used to be) convenient from a management and billing perspective. But what do you do if something goes wrong?

Before proceeding I would like to stress that this article is not a resolution to all of your email woes, it is simply a signpost to where you could start.

I am of course referring to the G Suite Toolbox

This tool will quickly diagnose any MX (Mail Exchange) related issues in your domain name control panel and will provide a series of tutorials to help you through any potential difficulties.

Before giving it a go, here are a few guideline notes to get you started.

  • This tool is effective for those who have a broad understanding of working with domain name control panels.

  • In most instances I would recommend speaking to your it technician (or bring one in to the fold if you do not have one) as any errors in this process could prove very costly if your business heavily depends on emails. If you are working to a tight budget, by all means take a look at it but make sure you take in as much background reading on the subject before making any changes.

  • It is worth running through this process if your sent emails are consistently being sent to the recipient's junk or spam folder, or if they are not being received at all.

I hope this helps you. And please, proceed with caution! :)

Elwyn DaviesComment