Effortlessly design your brand with the Squarespace logo creator

Many small business owners who are new to Squarespace (and a fair number of existing Squarespace customers) many have missed the Squarespace logo designer.

The feature is available on the footer menu of the homepage and provides a quick, stylish solution if you are lacking inspiration or your bank balance is running on empty.

Here are some of the key points to consider before getting stuck in:|

1. The Squarespace logo designer is really easy to use

The drag and drop interface of this logo design tool means that you can create a suitable logo for your business. You also have full control over the font and colour options (however there are limitations as outlined in the next point). There is also a huge range of free icons already built in to the system. This allows you to search for a visual to match your company identity in seconds. Once created, your new brand will be presented on a range of sample applications, including a business card and t-shirt. Every logo looks better on a t-shirt!

2. But it is somewhat limited

One of the main questions I get regarding the logo creator is “does it create a professional logo for my business?” The answer is “yes and no”. You can get a simple solution that looks good in under an hour. If you are looking for an intricate editor allowing you to combine multiple icons or shapes, or to enable you to change letter spacing, you are likely to be disappointed. The Squarespace logo creator is not a suitable alternative to Adobe Illustrator, in fact it was never supposed to be.

3. It can be used as a great short-term logo solution

Our recommendation will be to hire a professional designer as soon as you are in a place where you can afford or justify the outlay. However, in the meantime this tool can provide a suitable and polished stop-gap for your business. The example shown on this page took me less than 10 minutes to create and provides a more engaging solution than a text-based alternative within Squarespace. You can also use this tool to mock up some of your own designs as a suitable starting point, allowing you to progress your concept with a brand designer.

4. It’s free!

For anyone looking to take out a Squarespace plan, the logo maker is free to use. So if you are committed to the website builder, you have nothing to lose. It’s entirely based in the browser so there are no frustrating or time consuming installation steps to get you up and running.

5. Only PNG file formats are available

This is a potential limitation for those who may need their logos for large format print. You can download full colour, black and white and inverted variations; however these are not vector files and therefore cannot be enlarged without a drop in quality. The 2000px width of the logo ensures it is suitable for most applications.

Wrapping up…

The Squarespace logo designer tool is so, so simple. It will be too simplistic for experienced designers or those who want to really refine their brand image. If you have a Squarespace plan (and are no longer in the free trial period), you have little to lose by giving it a try. This online logo creator has certainly got a few clients out of a jam!

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