Featured Squarespace Plugin: Sidebar Plugin

Developer: SQSPthemes

The Squarespace Sidebar plugin by SQSP Themes

The Squarespace Sidebar plugin by SQSP Themes

In a nutshell

This plugin allows you to add a sidebar to any Squarespace template. Although many modern websites (and many of the latest Squarespace templates) have moved away from a 2 or 3 column structure. Sidebars can still have a prominent place in web design.

Difficulty: Intermediate

There are a few steps involved, however, the helpful style selector means that you will not need to understand custom code to get this plugin up and running.

Price: $50 (Standard licence)

PixelHaze recommendation:

We have used this sidebar plugin on a few projects including this website (via the SQSPthemes commercial license) and it has proven to be extremely versatile and is relatively easy to setup. All you need to do is create a new text page, drop your sidebar content in place and then run through the plugin setup guide.

As part of your purchase, you will receive dedicated 'styling and format' page to allow you to adjust the sidebar to fit your requirements, for example, you can choose a left or right layout split and column widths. This is far more effective than setting up manual sidebars over multiple pages, especially for larger websites.