Featured Squarespace Plugin: Testimonial Slider

Developer: SQSPthemes


In a nutshell

This plugin by SQSPthemes gives you the option of adding a stylish testimonial slider to any page within Squarespace, complete with a thumbnail image to accompany each quote.

Difficulty: Intermediate

There are a few steps involved, however, the helpful style selector means that you will not need to understand custom code to get this plugin up and running.

Price: $30 (Standard licence)

PixelHaze recommendation:

We have used this testimonial slider on a few projects (via the SQSPthemes commercial license) and it has proven to be one of the most versatile plugins available for Squarespace. It pulls in content from a Squarespace blog (you can create a standalone blog to achieve this) and has a dedicated 'styling and format' page to allow you to adjust the testimonial feed to fit your requirements, for example, you can change the number of quotes per row or even display thumbnails.

Thumbnail images of you happy customers can be added to the summary image block in your testimonial blog.