If you find that Squarespace is offline, check this live status page

During my first decade as a web designer and project manager, server downtime and website loading issues were a constant menace.

Issues would always seem to occur at 8:30am and would result in a mad scramble to notify clients of the status and ‘get ahead of the news cycle’. There was even a harrowing instance where our hosting provider’s data centre was flooded, resulting in 48 hours of downtime for all of our websites. Customer relations efforts kicked into overdrive that week and we got through it!

Although we cannot quite say that server downtime is a thing of the past, we can (thankfully) claim that the process is easier to manage for professional web designers in this day an age. First of all, our Squarespace websites are hosted on multiple servers to provide additional redundancy and uptime in excess of 99.5% can be expected, which is fantastic when considering the very reasonable pricing of Squarespace plans.

If your website appears to be offline, there is still a chance that it isn’t due to Squarespace server downtime and the way to check this is to simply click on the button below. If there is reported downtime, then sit tight, it will usually be resolved within a couple of hours. If there are no flagged issues, you could check other Squarespace websites (if you have designed multiple websites on the platform) to see if they are working. Finally, if you can isolate the issue to a single website, there is a good chance that there could be a connectivity issue with your domain name.

Subscribe to Squarespace status updates

For those who are on the go, you can simply subscribe to status updates via email, text messaging or alternatively you can follow the Squarespace server status twitter feed. To get up and running, simply click on the button below and select “subscribe to updates” from the subsequent page.