Introducing Squarespace Plugins, custom code built by PixelHaze

We are very excited to announce that we have launched a range of Squarespace plugins, and the great news is that they are all free for PixelHaze Academy members.

That means that you can apply a bespoke appearance to your client’s website with little effort and for no additional cost.

The plugin library will be available in September 2019

There is already a vibrant Squarespace plugin community, with a range of clever developers assisting with the enhancement of your website. We don’t want to go down the road of re-building these plugins and that is the reason why we have agreed to develop a central resource for some of the best solutions already available. Instead, we will be actively looking for gaps in the market; styles and features that we have not found on the web will be built by our development team to ensure you can squeeze every last drop of creativity from your Squarespace website.
— Elwyn Davies, PixelHaze Academy

Frequently Asked Questions about our Squarespace Plugins

What does the licence cover?

For members it’s really easy, you can customise and re-use our plugins for as long as your membership is active. If you are a Squarespace designer, you will be able to re-use the custom code on multiple commercial projects, providing the developer or designer is a PixelHaze Academy member. No catch, as long as you do not resell the plugins or give them away to non members, it’s all covered!

Are PixelHaze Plugins exclusive with Squarespace?

Not necessarily, however we have made no effort to hide the fact that we primarily focus on Squarespace, as a result our guides will be based around the platform. If you are able to adapt the code for other platforms then that is fine with us. Please do tell us though so we can share your solution!

Will I need to understand or write HTML/CSS code?

Not at all, our instructions will guide you through the process of installing plugins step-by-step. If you want to customise the appearance of certain plugins to match your Squarespace website, the ability to read and edit custom code would make your job easier. If you need additional support, checkout the next FAQ.

Is support available for installation and customisation?

Absolutely, we will be launching our support program later in September, allowing you to select a ‘mini project’ if you will struggle to work with code. PixelHaze Academy’s Will Hammond will be available for surgery hours each week (TBC) for paid support.

Can I buy plugins individually?

Although we recommend becoming a member to get the most value from our plugin library, we will be opening our store before the end of October, allowing you to purchase plugins individually. We haven’t confirmed prices yet, however they will remain competitive and will vary on a plugin by plugin basis. There will also be a 2-tier price plan for single or commercial use.

Are there limitations in relation to the Squarespace plans?

Some plugins will be suitable for all Squarespace plans (from the entry level personal plan), others will be more technical in nature and require you or your client to purchase the business plan or higher. Before our online store is launched, we will ensure all plugins not suitable for the Squarespace personal plan are highlighted.