PixelHaze Academy founder Elwyn Davies is featured by Squarespace

Elwyn was interviewed for the Squarespace Circle member stories feature in August 2019

Elwyn was interviewed for the Squarespace Circle member stories feature in August 2019

We are delighted that our Elwyn was asked to feature in the member stories section of the Squarespace Circle website back in July, needless to say he jumped at the chance!

The New York, Portland and Dublin based business has a team of over 800 and is one of the fastest-growing website builders worldwide. Elwyn was accredited as a Squarespace Authorised Trainer in 2018 and anyone who has worked with either PixelHaze or PixelHaze Academy would aready know just how important and integral the website builder platform has been to the growth of our business. This is especially the case in rural areas like Mid Wales.

Squarespace has allowed me to build over 220 websites since I launched PixelHaze from Builth Wells in 2015, the majority of which have been for small, rural Welsh businesses. The opportunity to help fly the flag for our small corner of the world is a great reason to get up and get into the studio every morning. I can genuinely say that thanks to Squarespace, everything has been that little bit easier, for my business and my clients.
— Elwyn Davies

Here are a couple of questions from the interview:

C: Why do you work with Squarespace over some other website building platforms?
E: Squarespace is very easy to use, but takes time to fully master. My expertise allows me to bridge the technical gap between building a website for a client and training that client to maintain their new website.

C: How has Squarespace Circle helped you build this business? 
E: I couldn’t have set up a viable rural web design consultancy without Squarespace. It gave me the freedom to both work from home and meet with clients in person. Without Squarespace, I would have either needed a head office in the Cardiff area an hour and a half away or solely relied on remote working to make a profit on projects. When meeting clients in person, I can read their initial reactions during wireframing or design sessions, which allows me to seize the initiative on projects. I feel there is no substitute for face-to-face communication and always lean towards a hands-on approach. 

You can see the full interview via the link below.