Speed up your Squarespace website with this font replacer

Today we have a fantastic (and coincidentally a very quick) tip to help you to speed up your Squarespace website through the removal of unused fonts.


If you are a seasoned web designer or even a Squarespace enthusiast, there is a good chance that you are looking for ways of improving search engine rankings. You are also likely to be regularly walking the tightrope between presentation (potentially including high resolution photos and even video headers) and performance (Squarespace website page load speed). When we get a chance to improve the page load speed without negatively impacting the look of our websites, it would be crazy not to jump on the opportunity.

Page load speed is far from the only ranking factor to get your website higher up the google listings, but it is certainly an important one.
Don’t keep your customers waiting, it takes less than 5 minutes to remove unused fonts from Squarespace

Don’t keep your customers waiting, it takes less than 5 minutes to remove unused fonts from Squarespace


Thanks to the very clever guys over at Cheers Studios, we now have a tool that will achieve this in no time at all.

I have timed and tested this process on one of my websites, here’s the results from using the Squarespace Font Optimizer (I have used Pingdom Tools to carry out the performance test). The whole process took less than 3 minutes and there were noticeable, positive results:

Fonts used51
Performance gradeCC
Performance score7277
Page speed2.21.8Mb
Load time2.3 Seconds1.85 Seconds

Test your website page load speed with Pingdom Tools: https://tools.pingdom.com

Google PageSpeed Insights bringing up low scores for your Squarespace site?

Google’s PageSpeed Insights is a tool for developers who code their sites from scratch and can return false negatives for Squarespace sites which are built on a custom CMS. If you see an error while using this test, it often doesn’t mean there is a load speed issue with your website.

Squarespace recommends Pingdom as a more accurate page load speed testing tool. Keep an eye out for the page size and overall load time (in seconds).