Streak CRM for Gmail and G Suite is Google partner of the year 2019

Created by a team of former Google developers, Streak is a simple but effective CRM that fits into G Suite (Google Apps and Gmail for business).

Streak CRM Google Partner of the Year

Streak CRM Google Partner of the Year

By integrating the software straight into G Suite, the CRM (Customer Relationship Management software) is incredibly flexible for those who have decided to go down the Gmail for business route. We have used Streak here at PixelHaze for over 3 years to manage our sales pipeline after trying a number of alternative solutions, predominantly due to the speed of adding and tracking leads. It may not have the features of more established CRMs.

Due to its simplicity, flexibility and water-tight integration into the Google ecosystem, Streak CRM has been awarded Google partner of the year.

Today, we’re honored to announce Streak is the G Suite Partner of the Year. We’re being recognized for this award both because of our deep integration across G Suite’s line of products and our work on the Google Cloud Platform. Our team has worked with Google to push its platform further and faster for several years. This award is a product of the hard problems we’ve solved and will continue solving together.
— Streak CRM Announcement

The CRM is a solution to keep your business sales pipeline moving, ideal for small business owners, creative teams and designers, allowing you to set up and customise a perfect process for your team no matter the use case or how you work.