Select the right Multilingualizer for Squarespace

If you live or work in a bilingual Country, or if you are looking towards international markets for your product or service; it is very likely that you will need a multilingualizer to add one or more additional languages to your Squarespace website.

Over at PixelHaze, we have built multiple multilingual websites using four different solutions and techniques. Here are some top questions to consider before choosing your multiple language solution for Squarespace: 

What is the name of a great translation service?

We recommend Bablic (as seen in solution 1 below), however other options include Localize.js, website duplication or to create your own multilingual website in Squarespace, Each option should allow you to add human translation (there are a number of options for free including Google translate if you want to opt for the less accurate machine translation approach). For us, the user friendly visual editor that Bablic provides allows you to translate a page in a matter of minutes.

What is the best website builder for multilingual websites?

Each solution has their own benefits and in many cases I do not believe that Multilingualizers should be at the front and centre when choosing a website platform. There are benefits and disadvantages to using Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix or Bespoke solutions for building your website. That is a whole other article so I will not be covering that in detail today.

What are the disadvantages to using Squarespace?

To save you the headache of choosing a Squarespace multilingualizer, we have outlined our preferred options below including Bablic and Localize.

What Multilingualizer should I choose to accompany Squarespace?

I have provided 3 options outlined below. Your selection of the option may be directly impacted by your budget and I have used all three on previous web design projects in Squarespace.

Solution 1 - Bablic

Bablic is without doubt the simplest and most effective Multilingualizer software (allowing the option for viewers to select multiple languages in Squarespace).

Benefits of Bablic

  • A free subscription is available for single page websites

  • A very powerful Squarespace Multilingualizer

  • It is very easy to add additional languages to your website

  • WYSIWIG (what you see is what you get) editor is quick to pick up and rapid for professional translations

  • Works perfectly with all Squarespace templates

Things to consider

  • At £230 per year, Bablic is more expensive than a couple of the Squarespace hosting plans. You can obtain a 10% discount via our voucher page (PixelHaze Academy members only)

  • We strongly recommend that you disable machine translation unless there is no realistic option of having the website translated professionally

  • The Bablic subscription does not include professional translation fees

Solution 2 - Use multiple menus in Squarespace

This guide over on the Squarespace website support pages shows you how to build a single Squarespace site with a set of pages for each language. You'll create duplicate pages for each language and organise them to help visitors navigate in their language.

Benefits of the Squarespace solution

  • The most cost effective option

  • A reasonably good solution for small websites

  • No additional training required if you know your way around Squarespace

Things to consider

  • This solution does not create a fully translated website. Many of the templated areas will remain in the original language

  • Not the quickest solution to edit as duplicated structures take time to create

  • Separate blogs, galleries and event calendars would need to be created if required in multiple languages which can be time consuming.

Solution 3 - Duplicate your Squarespace website

It has been quite a few years since I needed to create this option, but it is still viable in certain cases. This is simply the case of creating two (very similar in appearance) websites, one for each language. 

Benefits of the Squarespace solution

  • Likely to be cheaper than choosing a Bablic plan, but not by much

  • A good solution for small websites

  • Allows you to translate the full website

Things to consider

  • Can be very time consuming to maintain two full websites, especially if you have an active blog

  • Any images or videos would need to be uploaded to each website separately

  • The website will re-set to the homepage when switching languages via the selector

We hope this has helped you to gain a better understanding of the options available to you when you are looking to translate your website. Our members can obtain an exclusive discount for bablic, you can join here.